How to Recognize the Symptoms of Flu

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Flu, medically known as influenza, is an RNA virus-caused infection that affects the respiratory tract.  The late detection and treatment of the symptoms of flu can cause other medical complications.  Flu can affect many people at once and is epidemic. It affects all ages but school children are the ones most highly affected.  The symptoms of common cold are mistaken for that of influenza; however, you can easily distinguish one from the other.  Here are the symptoms of flu.

The symptoms of flu commonly appear abruptly that makes you physically weak in a short period of time.  High fever, severe headache, runny nose, sore throat, fatigue and appetite loss, and dry cough are some of the most common symptoms of flu.  Studies show that younger people and children are more prone to fever and chills than aged ones.   Symptoms of fever as high as 106°F can last for 3-4 days, but discomfort and physical weakness may remain up to 2-3 weeks.

Nasal problems become prominent after the first infection phase is over.  Vomiting and diarrhea are common to children during this period.

It is important to note the great degree of differences between flu and cold symptoms.  Common colds do not have a high risk of having a fever unlike that of flu.  Only a rare number of people are affected by body aches, high fever, headache, and great physical weakness when having the cold symptoms.

Sneezing is also a determinant in diagnosing the symptoms of flu.  Frequent sneezing is a symptom of common cold, while the opposite is that of flu.  Coughing can be so painful when having flu, but is not much so with the common cold.

The early detection of the symptoms of flu is very important in preventing further medical complications.  Bronchitis, pneumonia, and death are the possible end result of influenza.  Go to a medical doctor at the onset of the symptoms of flu.  Flu can be shortened by prescription of anti-viral medication.  However, it is crucial that the treatment must be done within the first 48 hours of the initial symptoms.  Women who are conceiving, adults who are aged 55 and above, and children below the age of 24 months should go to a doctor as soon as flu symptoms are detected.  People inflicted with chronic health problems like lung disease, diabetes, heart disease, and asthma should see the doctor when these symptoms are detected.

It is said that prevention is so much better than cure.  It is recommended that a flu jab will be obtained annually as a protection against the flu.  Cleanliness and personal hygiene must be observed like proper washing of hands often. Always bring sanitizers that are alcohol-based in case that washing is made impossible.   Always remember to refuse to touch the eyes, nose, and mouth as the body is open to attacks of viruses through the entry in the mucus membranes.  Always be alert for possible symptoms and go to a doctor as soon as early symptoms are detected.

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